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Over the last several years, Nate Icaza's hard work and dedication grew into what we now know as, “Nate’s Garage.” One of the most rewarding feelings that Nate has is the following of customers that he has had spanned over the last fifteen years of his career and being able to see a need in the community when it involved car repairs. Nate is a genuine, honest, and reliable human being -- mix that with being a natural born mechanic, and it gives you an idea of how Nate’s Garage has gotten to where it is today.

Nate's Community Garage was formed with Ali Fitzpatrick and Nate in late 2019. Nate and Ali saw that their community needed a program to help people with car repairs. So often a huge car repair springs up and leaves those who were already having trouble making ends meet scrambling to cover the car repairs. They knew sometimes people were deciding on eating and repairs. So they knew Nate's Community Garage was just the program that needed to be started. NCG officially launched in February 2020.  


We were focused on helping low-income families and any Veteran get back on the road to dependability with reduced car repairs. Since launching in 2020 NCG has helped 40 families with car repairs! We were also able to get an additional 2 people on the road with cars!

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Mon - Fri: 10am-4pm

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1717 North Highway 20

Cannon Falls, MN 55009

Tel: 507-428-2842

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